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4/1/05 01:19 am

how long do i have to do this? why cant it stop?

people will always be people, regardless of how you shape em or break em. we all have different ideas, different emotions, different hopes, different dreams. and yet, somehow, we are always connected. how is this?? simple: we are all people. some may seem like monsters or demons, and others may not seem like anything at all, but at the end of the day, we are all people, all humans. we all have a genetic code, a favorite food, a scratch from that time u did the thing at the place with those people. so why does it seem that, although we are all connnected, we can't seem to stay that way? why do families fall apart? that doesnt seem to be logical, seeing as how it couldnt have started as a family without some liking in there, unless we all just choose to grab random people, fuck em, and have their kids, hoping that that random person likes the color blue like u do. and even if u do in fact do that, doesnt it just seem fucked up?

i dont know, maybe there is something im missing here. maybe im just talkini outta my ass. its been a horrible week, and it just seems like things are fallin apart in my mind. i just dont seem to understand anything anymore. its almost as if ive snapped, and my brain wont work properly without some kind of spark or smack or some shit. maybe im just bitchin too much about it, but hey: i dont ever bitch, and i certainly listen to others when they do it. this is probably the only place i will bitch like this. and after its all said and done, i will just walk on, cause thats all i can do


3/28/05 02:52 pm

hey whatsup everybody

i know i haven't really updated this bitch in a while- thats cause college has got me in overtime here, so i gotta bust ass or else no good. i just wanted to write this entry to let everyone know that if ya miss my pretty face and what not, or u wanna know some more about my amazing story of going from hoodlum to circus clown, just go ahead and look under aim my profile. it should have a link that says facebook me. click it, and there ya go.

3/13/05 12:19 pm - take my foto off da wall

ya know, its supposed to be spring. but is it spring, bitches?!?!?!?! FUCK NO.

havent really seen anybody thats on my friends list for a really long time except paul. by the way paul, if u read this, U R THE SHIT, and sorry i never called you about bowling-i never went. instead, i argued with my parent for a bout an hour that night and then went to go take some stuff out to my dorm room. shit load of fun, let me tell you. anyhow, college is once again college; sometimes ya drink too much, sometimes you have an exam. thats pretty much all there is to it, nothin more nothin less.

i gotta say before i head out that my friend- we will just call him m. c. short shit for now-has got have some kind of problem. seems like he will never grow up and be a real person. he will just continue livin in a shell and eating pancakes. so i think im gonna start up my own foundation- M. C. Short Shit Foundation for Kids Who Have Problems with Doin' Stuff. and if you all could just make a small donation of 100000 pennies within the next few days, you would be gladly appreciated. if not, then fuck you too.


3/5/05 09:37 pm - boom bazooka joe

yeah i havent done one of these in a really, really long time, so i figured what the fuck, right?

so my spring break is just about over, and it was pretty boring. i did get to drink with a couple of my friends last night that i havent seen in forever, but thats just about it. ive worked out, ive shoveled snow, ive shopped, and thats about it. kinda sad, but most of my friends dont have spring break till like next week or the week after or some shit like that. oh well whatever, doesnt matter. im bout to be going to go back to school n stuff, which for some reason, doesnt bother me a single bit.

aight thats it kids, now getta life.

peace love n chicken grease,


2/6/05 07:19 pm - Thats what im tryin' to f!ckin tell you

weird week...even weirder month... but fuck it, ITS SUPER BOWL TIME BITCHES!!!

I really have no huge preference on this game; all i can really say is my heart says philadelphia eagles, but my nuts say new england patriots. either way, it should be a good ass game. plus, the commercials are always good.



1/28/05 12:16 am - how could they do that?!?

dammit i just got back from taco bell- im tired, im beat up, my muscles ache from workin out, and i had to drive like 5 fuckin miles just to get the damn food, and when i get back, i open it up, and the food is wrong- im so fuckin pissed. but im an old man, and i cant get my black ass up to go and do that now. aint that bout a bitch??

1/25/05 02:18 am - guess who's back

so yeah, i guess im back

a certain someone asked me to come back and do this some more, so i guess i will. for a while....

college is a trip, let me tell ya. at times you feel like ure doing everything right, then suddenly, u find out ure dumber than a brick of shit on a hot day. im gonna keep on keepin on, ya know, but it just sucks sometimes.

i really wanna go skydivin', cause i need some more extremeness, more excitement in my life. life is really boring, minus the occasional party n drinkin'.

i miss my home, and by my home, i mean all my old friends. home is not a place, but rather a set of people who make u feel so comfortable, they might as well be family. i miss all that, regardless of how comfortable i feel out here.

people in ann arbor seem so strange compared to people in willow run. it seems like everyone me n kris meet, they have no clue what real things occur in the world; they are too concerned with problems that seem huge to them, but extremely small to me compared to the bigger problems like bein robbed and being arrested, etc. im sure i will eventually not notice it; till then, i will continue on feeling out of place.

more to come later bitches


12/18/04 03:42 pm - Fuck NIck Cannon

yeahup, its over.

This will be my last journal entry for a while, cause now it just seems kind of pointless. that and im really not in the mood anymore to write about what i feel or what is goin on in life. it annoys me to do it sometimes, cause i feel should i should just keep to myself.


12/15/04 06:37 pm - what the f!ck was that? A shoe?

nothing really to say here...just waiting for that moment... that one time when it all comes together...when it all makes sense, and nothing is more sweeter than feeling alive and knowing that everyone is alright...just waiting for that moment...just hoping to feel real one more time...just hoping, just believing...hope you can believe too...

12/8/04 10:42 pm - u doin hoe activities, with hoe tendencies.........

so i gotta start registerin for new classes tomorrow. kind of sucks, cause the registerin process for u of m is just insane and all over the place. ill get it right, hopefully, and i will get the classes i want and need. tellin ya, college is a mother; you dont pay attention, it might just slap the shit outta u. other than that, though, it can be fun as all hell.

so lately, people have been acting really strange around me. i mean really, they probalby will never read this, but im not goin to just ask them. i feel if they ever wanted to tell me or let me know, they would. i mean seriously, some of them seem to pass over me and not wanna talk to me. say like two words to me, feel like im pullin teeth to just get em to talk. i really dont know what i did, and this is why im always confusd n shit. ive been bitchin way too lately on live journal, but there only seems to be things to bitch about in my life lately. when was the last time i had even a true moment of happiness? ive started to believe that happiness comes in small doses, like a chocolate chip cookie or a five minute orgasm or some good hooka. maybe this damn break will bring me some happiness, specially since ill get to see my boys like paul and willie and james and all them peoples.

all in all, u cant trust everyone u meet. that doesnt meant u should be so cautious that you hate everyone; in fact, it is sometimes better to just say "what the fuck," and just let the chips fall where they may. fate will let u know whats really goin down, so dont be afraid to drop the bucket and kiss her. hell, did u know there is an actual religion all based on random choices? people actually role dice to help them decide and drop a stick to point out the right direction as a symbol of allowing the gods of chance to choose the correct path. thats some amazing shit, aint it? people believed in that shit enough to risk their everyday lives for it. just shows what tru faith in somethin can do to a person. watch ya self

shake it fast,
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